Considered experts in organising crossings to and from Colombia and the San Blas Islands, we can assist in making your bookings with the most reputable captains. Review our upcoming sailing dates at the bottom of this page.

SY Island Fever
Captain: Mael

        Come with Captain Mael on the sailing yacht Island Fever, a beautiful 42 foot Gulfstar with all necessary safety equipment. He will help you explore the beautiful San Blas Islands for 2 days where you can enjoy fishing, snorkeling and swimming. You will also meet the local Kuna Indians, and even have dinner and a campfire with them. There is also plenty of time for lazing and sunbathing on an uninhabited island. Then we sail on to the beautiful and vibrant city of Cartagena, Columbia. The price includes all fees, meals, tea and coffee.

Price: $550 US


Island Fever


 SV Tango
Captain: David (French)

        We start from Puerto Lindo, Panama have a stop in the San Blas islands for 2 days and continue from there in a 2 days sail to Cartagena, Columbia. There we will visit pristine white sandy beaches, hang out with the Kuna people, swim, snorkel, and have lots of fun. The boat has 2 private cabins, plus 3 other beds, bathroom, refrigerator, stereo and an experienced captain. All meals included.

Price: $550 US


Tango 1 tango


SV Luka
Captain: Beata (Polish)

       This strong and sturdy 56ft Mikado Ketch is operated by experienced crew and captain and offers 3 days in the idyllic San Blas Islands where you can swim and fish. The boat can sleep up to 14 people so there is always a diverse bunch of people onboard to have fun with. All meals, snacks and fruit, water, tea and coffee included.

Price: $550


luka jumping luka cabin Luka

SV Mintaka
Captain: Manfred and his wife Petra (German)

          Mintaka is a custom built 46 ft sloop and Manfred and Petra provide an excellent and professional experience. This 6 day trip offers passage for a maximum of 8 guests to ensure plenty of room and starts with a group dinner onboard. Plenty of time is available to stop and swim, snorkel and visit the Kuna villages in the San Blas islands before arriving in Cartagena. This boat boasts its own professional fishing gear and a lobster dinner! Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all prepared by a professional chef onboard the boat.

Price: $550 US


Mintaka full Mintaka berth Mintaka

Catamaran Santana
Captain: Gisbert (German)

          This spacious and comfortable 50ft catamaran can sleep upt to 15 people and has been described as a ‘floating hostel’. Captain Gisbert is ready to make this an unforgettable experience for his passengers and will keep your stomachs full with his excellent cooking. The large deck means there’s room to sunbathe and there is plenty of time to relax, swim and explore the Kuna Islands.

Price:$550 US



SY Wild Card
Captain: John

         Captain John starts in Portobelo or in Puerto Lindo, Panama with his 60ft comfortable and safe Sailing boat and is so sturdy it’s often a good choice for people with sea sickness. There is plenty of space inside and on deck. John provides very good food , a lot of fun and adventure. The boat stays 2 days in San Blas and takes 2 days to sail on to Cartagena, Colombia directly. He takes 15 passengers and up to 4 motorbikes on his voyage. 5 days on board – all meals and all fees included.

Price: $550 US


wild card 1 wild card 2 DIGITAL CAMERA

SV Rose Ellen
Captain: John

        Rose Ellen is a 75ft sailboat and can comfortably sleep 17 in individual bunks which come with their own fan. She has plenty of space in the lagoon and on deck for socialising and chilling out, plus  The Rose Ellen is captained by John who has an excellent reputation and great experience sailing San Blas. 5 day, 4 night trip.

Price: $550 US


re collage

Catamaran Anapa
Captain: Steffen

         This well maintained 41ft Catamaran has enough space for 10 people and boasts 3 double cabins with queen sized beds which come with their own bathroom with toilet and shower. Snorkeling and fishing gear is kept onboard for guests to enjoy around the San Blas and there is plenty of room in the salon and spacious deck area. 3 meals a day, tea, coffee and water are all included in the price.

Price: $550 US


Anapa 3 Anapa Anapa 2 Anapa 4

Catamaran Swala
Captain: Bernard (French)

         This beautiful 42 feet catamaran was built for stability and comfort and has 4 double berths and 2 single berths. Departing from Portobelo, this trip includes 3 hearty meals a day with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit and lasts for 4 days sailing through the San Blas Islands and then on to Cartagena. There is also the option to organise private charters with Bernard from $175 per person per day (min. 4 days).

Price: $550 US


swalaSwala catswala fruit

Sailing Times

Panama to Colombia:

Colombia to Panama:

13th November – space still available
4th December – space still available
25th December – August – space still available
12th January – space still available
30th January – space still available
14th February – space still available
05th March – space still available


2nd November – space still available
23rd November – space still available
14th December – space still available
02nd January- space still available
21st January – space still available
06th February – space still available
22nd February – space still available
15th March – space still available



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