Hikes and Tours

La Costa Arriba is an amazing landscape filled with gigantic waterfalls and secluded beaches. Most travelers coming through never get to experience the natural wonder of the upper coast, but we are proud to offer hiking tours to the most amazing locations in the area!
All our hikes come with meals and snacks and include information on the history and wildlife of the area. They  also available in France , German , Spanish and English

Playa Blanca

Day Hike

This hike takes us along the picturesque coastline, through a remote coconut plantation, and on to breathtaking vistas of the unique coastal mountainous rainforests, The last leg of the journey is through the tropical jungle before arriving on the deserted sandy beach of Playa Blanca! 99% of the time, you wont see another person the entire hike! About 1.5 hours each way plus as long as you’d like at the beach swimming in the tranquil, blue lagoon.

Relatively easy hiking, but be prepared for lots of rock hopping. Recommended for kids 10+ years old.

To make a reservation or for more information call Hostel Wunderbar on +507 67007790

We have a special offer discounts for groups.

Dos Bocas Waterfalls

2 day Hike

Pack a small overnight bag and join us in the largely unexplored, rolling hills of the Chagres National Park for this gentle but beautiful hiking experience. We take a truck to the end of the road, and hike along the river to reach our private 2 story cabin bordering the Chagres National Park. This private patch of land has over 150 hectares of rivers, swimming holes, jungle and pasture lands for you to explore at your leisure.

The next morning after a hearty breakfast, we will guide you up a small side river to a secret 100 foot waterfall where you can swim and allow nature’s best masseuse to loosen all your muscles. The hike follows the river bed and has a variety of challenges such as plenty of  rockhopping and navigating small waterfalls,  but your guides will ensure you reach our destination safely. There are many swimming holes along the way and your guides will be showing you the plentiful wildlife which includes monkeys, butterflies and birds, so everything is taken at the tranquillo pace!

Back at the cabin, we will cook up a well deserved treat, before heading back to civilization.

Snacks, accommodation, and all meals included. Available every day, the hike starts at 2pm or earlier if preferred. Recommended for 10+ years.

To make a reservation or for more information call Hostel Wunderbar on +507 67007790