Making a Difference


Panama is evolving rapidly and tourism all over the country is growing. This uniquely positioned country provides access to both the Pacific and Caribbean, and hosts some of the most diverse and densely populated wildlife in the world. This is fantastic news for Panamanians and their economy, but poses a danger to the wildlife and ecology as more of a human presence has a knock on impact on the environment. We would like to ensure Hostel Wunderbar is a place that our guests feel happy and comfortable. We are continually improving our property to bring that added touch of luxury, but we are passionate about making sure we manage all that change in a responsible and eco-friendly way.



All our garbage is sorted through so we can recycle as much as possible. Aluminum, glass and batteries are always recycled. Any garbage we cannot recycle is removed and disposed of in professional trash facilities.



All of the water we use here comes from our rainwater which we then filter and use everywhere on our property from drinking water to washing water. We have 2 wells and filtration systems which means our water is always fresh, clean and fine to drink. This does mean that our water supply has a direct link to our rain fall and it can get quite low. We ask all our guests to be aware of this when using water and only use what you need. We will also soon have a public pipe which will be able to pump water out to us which will add extra security for us in those drier months. Next year, we are investing in our water system further to ensure we have a constant supply of hot water. We are going to continue our eco-friendly approach and install solar panels on our roof to make the most of the Caribbean sun we receive.