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Money: Panama uses the US dollar as its currency, but also uses the official name 'Balboa' for it.
ATMs are widely available.
Traveller's Cheques are only accepted in US$, AMEX cheques are accepted at most banks.
Credit Cards are not accepted everywhere; it's better to bring cash.
Electricity: 120V, 60Hz
Telephone and Internet: Country Code is +507
Telephone boxes are widely available.
The local mobile phone network works in most areas but not everywhere. Some international mobiles work here.
Internet-cafes are widely available throughout the country. The charges are usually between 1US$ and 2US$.
Getting Around: Buses connect about any community in Panama which is accessible by road. Some are large and well-equiped, but the majority is smaller and simpler, but they are all cheap.
Taxis don't charge by metres, but there are some set fares. Generally they are cheap.
Entry: A valid passport is required to enter Panama. Citizens of Ireland, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Spain and Finland need only a passport. Most other nationals, including US, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand, may enter with a 5US$ tourist card.
Citizens of many other countries have to have a visa before entering Panama.
Visas and tourist cards are valid for 90 days.

Panamas coat of arms